FORD-Kenya condemns Shakahola killings

FORD-Kenya Party has condemned Shakahola killings that have been linked to occultism.

The party called on President William Ruto to form a commission of inquiry to investigate.

In a statement, Tongaren MP John Chikati blamed the police for sleeping on their job when hundreds of Kenyans believed to be Pastor Mackenzie’s followers were being starved to death.

“FORD-Kenya party highly condemns the recent killings of over 100 worshippers in Shakahola, Kilifi County, after being misled by the rogue pastor Paul Mackenzie’s cult,” he said.

“As a party, we are angered by these media revelations and we are asking President William Ruto to form a commission of inquiry to look into these deaths and allegations of human organ trafficking.”

Chikati said the Commission of inquiry is best placed to unearth the truth behind the mass killings.

He added that Kenyans have lost trust in police which has been accused of neglecting the red flags that could have helped in curbing the saga.

Chikati also criticized the government’s move to bar the media from covering the Shakahola mass grave saga, saying that such a move is aimed at hiding the truth from Kenyans.

“We are demanding that the police allow the media to continue with their coverage of the exhumation of bodies at Shakahola because we learnt this through the media when the same police were sleeping on the job,” he said.

The party, which is part of Kenya Kwanza government, is also asking the prospective commission of inquiry to investigate the allegations of organ trafficking to Western countries after reports showed that some of the bodies that have been exhumed are missing vital body organs.

FORD-Kenya asked the government to regulate churches, warning Kenyans against joining the mushrooming suspicious churches.

Chikati said Mackenzie should be sentenced to life because many lives have been lost due to his misleading teachings.

Mackenzie of Good News International Ministries is being held at the Malindi Police station.

Pastor Mackenzie is under investigation after his followers started turning up dead in Kilifi.

Source: The Star

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