Forum for the Restoration of Democracy – Kenya
Forum for the Restoration of Democracy – Kenya


Usawa, Haki na Ukweli

Ideology, Guiding Principles & Values

founded on the rule of law, respect for human rights, accountability and public participation.



Equality, Justice and Truth

The words “Equality, Justice and Truth” in the Swahili language mean “Usawa, Haki na Ukweli”

FORD-Kenya is a party that believes in social democracy. We have a true desire to see Kenyan people’s lives transformed to a state of improved welfare living in a life free from hunger, insecurity, diseases and dire impoverishment, living in a corrupt free country where the rule law, human rights and gender equality are respected and promoted. We have a plan that will steer our nation to greater heights where Kenyans will be living in harmony, where everyone’s potential is unleashed for securing a prosperous, economically vibrant and democratic nation. We are a formidable political party and we are positioning ourselves to ascend to take the leadership of this country.

30+ Years of Political Validity in Kenya


Since our fight for democracy and a multiparty state, we advocate for an all inclusive, free and prosperous nation focused on youth, women and special interest groups.


Our unbiased, democratic, free and fair nomination processes standout from the crowd. We foster fairness in all our undertakings as a model long-standing party.


We believe in the rule of law and advocate for resource allocation to human rights/freedom courses as well as environmental conservation and climate change.

Strategic Partnerships

We strongly forge strategic partnership with like-minded parties to spread our goodwill across the nation. Our professionals have been key in strategic advisory services.

Power to the people

We promote devolution of power and stand for economic protection of our local economies, through strengthening the power of devolution.

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Being part of the Forum for the Restoration of Democracy – Kenya means that you get an opportunity to share in the vision, party ideology and supports the objectives, policies, programs and discipline of the Party.