FORD-Kenya’s Chris Mandu gets elders’ blessings as he eyes Funyula MP seat

FORD-Kenya Organizing Secretary Chris Mandu Mandu has secured the endorsement of Samia elders to vie for the Funyula Constituency MP seat.

The move comes at a time the party led by National Assembly Speaker Moses Wetang’ula has kicked off mass recruitment in a strategy aimed at stamping authority in the vote-rich Western Kenya.

In a colourful and pompous event at Mandu Mandu’s home in Namuduru village over the weekend, the elders from the Abatabona clan together with some of the Luo and Iteso elders led their people to register as FORD-Kenya members.

The elders while blessing Mandu Mandu said that he has had a vast experience in matters of leadership and if voted as the area MP, he would transform and propel the constituency into economic prosperity.

The elders led by their national chairman Mzee Antony Obada said Mandu Mandu had the leadership qualities required to turn around the development agenda of Funyula Constituency which they blamed the current leadership for doing less in uplifting residents’ economic well-being.

The event which was also graced by various religious leaders saw Mandu Mandu who is also a personal assistant of Speaker Wetang’ula, who is also the Party Leader of FORD-Kenya given the leadership regalia of the Samia clan.

Mzee Obada said that they have given Mandu Mandu the community’s blessings and the greenlight to seek the constituency’s seat come 2027.

“We have told our son Mandu Mandu how he is supposed to sit and walk with others in his quest to the National Assembly as our next MP,” he said.

He said that the elders had performed traditional rituals and culture that will see Mandu Mandu walk peacefully as he hunts for votes across the constituency.

“We have told him to be a good listener and fight for the rights of all regardless of their position and God will reward him since it’s God who chooses leaders,” he said.

According to Obada, the constituency was facing numerous challenges from insecurity, poverty, lack of infrastructure, school dropouts, and unemployment among other issues and the panacea is Mandu Mandu.

“We have also told Mandu Mandu that he should now know that he is not someone who belongs to the Samias only but also to all the communities living in Funyula. He should walk and seek friends from all the other communities,” he said.

On his part, while accepting the nod given to him by the Samia elders, Mandu Mandu said that he was honoured by the actions of his community and promised not to let them down.

“The respect I have been given today by my kinsmen is very encouraging and I promise that I will not let down my people who have been yearning to have their son who is not in opposition but works with the government of the day be an MP,” he said.

He added that:

“I will try my best not to disregard others but walk with them and redeem this constituency from the leadership of the current MP who has taken our people to the opposite side where there is no development.”

Mandu said that Funyula has many good grassroots leaders that are neither corrupt nor selfish and can take the constituency forward if they unite with one agenda.

“As I have said, I have promised that I will not abuse, hit out or attack anyone and am also appealing to others not to abuse us in this journey,” he said.

Mandu Mandu asked youths to ensure they register as voters and help him attain the constituency’s leadership come 2027.

“The youths of Funyula have been neglected and it’s high time they are recognized. They should be in the front-line in inheriting this constituency come 2027 polls and we shall walk with them,” he said.

He urged Funyula electorates to embrace unity and elect leaders who will offer them proper services.

Source: The Star

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