Ford-Kenya Party leader and Speaker of the National Assembly of the Republic of Kenya Hon. Moses Wetan’gula E.G.H,Mp Adressed the National Assembly of the Republic of Djibouti.

Speaker of the National Assembly of the Republic Kenya Hon. Moses Wetan’ngula E.G.H,Mp addressed the National Assembly of Djibouti, in an event presided over by President Dileita Mohamed Dileita.

During his address, He underscored the importance of collaboration between Djibouti and Kenya as members and within the frameworks of IGAD and COMESA.

Aligned in their vision and collective destiny, our nations are steadfast in their commitment to fostering integration and development across the Horn of Africa and the Eastern African region.

Acknowledging the laudable efforts of both nations during the resurgence of piracy along the Eastern Coast of Africa, I commended their resilience in thwarting the threats posed by maritime piracy.

He encouraged the legislative bodies of Djibouti and Kenya to champion Climate Change initiatives, wielding the power of legislative processes and policies. Such endeavors, He posited, would fortify the region against the uncertainties of climate change.

Following the signing of the joint commission for cooperation between Kenya and Djibouti, the facilitation of visa-free entry for Djiboutian citizens into Kenya heralds a new era. He extended a diplomatic invitation for robust engagement on matters of diplomacy and trade, envisioning a harmonious progression for the Horn of Africa region.

He urged the esteemed people of Djibouti to align themselves with the Eastern African Community (EAC). This alignment, would facilitate the hindered movement of people, goods, and services, thereby fostering wealth creation for the people.

In a revelation of positive development, He announced that Kenya Airways is poised to start direct flights from Nairobi to Djibouti within the forthcoming two months. This strategic move is anticipated to create a seamless conduit for the exchange of goods, services, and visitors between the two nations.

As custodians of peace, He implored the people of Djibouti to maintain their role as stalwarts of tranquility.

Furthermore, He extended an invitation to the members of the National Assembly of Djibouti to collaborate with their counterparts in Kenya. This collaboration takes the form of a Kenya-Djibouti Parliamentary Friendship Group, an instrumental platform engineered to foster engagements promoting free trade, unrestricted movement of people and free exchange of goods and services within the region.

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