FORD-Kenya promises to nurture youth talents in Bungoma

FORD-Kenya youth league has promised to nurture talents as a solution to the financial crisis facing youths in Bungoma and its environs.

Speaking at FORD-Kenya offices on Sunday, Party Youth League leadership led by Luke Opwora called upon their gubernatorial candidate Kenneth Lusaka to integrate a talent promotion policy in his administration so that many youths can earn from their talents.

“We are calling upon our candidate Lusaka to put talents at the centre of his administration so that lives of talented youths can improve,” said Opwora.

He added that many youths have been unable to realize their dreams due to poor leadership.

The event was organized with the aim of searching for talents and converting them into sources of income.

The women league and disability league leadership were also present.

The group resolved in one accord to support Kenya Kwanza Presidential candidate William Ruto and other Kenya Kwanza candidates in the county.

They have encouraged talented youths to vote for Lusaka and affirmed that he will change their lives.

Consequently, they condemned the current Ministry of Sports, Gender and Culture in the county for neglecting youths.

Opwora noted that the youth league considers Lusaka as a potential source of truce.

Opwora lauded the Kenya Kwanza gubernatorial aspirant Ken Lusaka for supporting sporting activities in Bungoma asking him to continue nurturing youths’ talents.

“Youths need to be involved in activities that will at benefit them,” Opwora said.

Source: The Star

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