FORD-Kenya officials meet to strategise on growing the party

The FORD-Kenya Party Management Committee convened on Thursday morning at the Party Headquarters at Simba House in Nairobi to discuss critical matters aimed at revitalizing the party and expanding its influence across the nation.   

The meeting was chaired by FORD-K party leader Moses Wetangula. 

Topped on the agenda for the pivotal meeting was the pressing issue of membership recruitment.

Party officials led by Secretary General John Chikati, Deputy Party Leader Kenneth Lusaka, and Party Chairman Michael Ruhu among others recognized the importance of bolstering the party’s ranks with dedicated individuals who share Ford Kenya’s vision and values. 

Chikati said that they discussed strategies to attract new members and engage with grassroots communities to strengthen the party’s foundation. 

“The committee has today deliberated on enhancing party activities throughout the forty-seven counties,” he said.  

This he said includes fostering active participation at both local and national levels, organizing community outreach programs, and promoting the party’s policies and principles.  

Party leaders who were present including Bungoma women rep Catherine Wambilianga, Kanduyi MP John Makali, and Kabuchai MP Majimbo Kalasinga among others expressed their commitment to ensuring Ford Kenya becomes a formidable force in the country’s political landscape. 

Another critical aspect of the meeting was centred on increasing the party’s presence, Party officials acknowledged the need to expand their footprint in regions where Ford Kenya’s influence has historically been limited.  

Plans were put forth to intensify efforts in these areas, with the aim of garnering support and building a broader network of party members. 

Following the management committee meeting, a significant highlight of the day was the issuance of life membership cards to several Party members.  

The exercise was presided over by the party’s deputy leader Ken Lusaka, emphasizing the party’s appreciation for its loyal members.  

The party leader expressed his optimism for the future of Ford Kenya. 

“Today’s meeting marks a pivotal moment for our party. We are determined to rejuvenate Ford Kenya, expand our influence, and create a vibrant political force that truly represents the aspirations of Kenyans,” Wetang’ula said. 

He reiterated that the gathering underscores the party’s commitment to evolving and growing to better serve the people of Kenya. 

He added that moving forward with renewed vigour, the party’s heritage and pride aim to play a significant role in shaping the country’s political landscape.

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